The Opposite Kitchen

is an ongoing pop up restaurant focused on bringing together food from opposite ends of the world together.

We are relentless curious about food and hope to expand this project everywhere.


Enayat Safi (AFG)

Is a food entrepreneur born in Afghanistan, now living in Copenhagen. He is the founder of the Dhaba Restaurants, and a passionate political science student. He believes that food is the greatest tool in building bridges.


Andre Gerschel (US)

Is a Restauranteur from New York. He lives and works in Dubai, running Baker & Spice Restaurants. He is passionate about food origins and traditions.


William Milsted (Dk)

is a Nordic chef. William lives and Works in Copenhagen, Denmark and the Nordic food is a natural part of his work. William strives to make tasty, simple and beautiful dishes that will attract the eye and please the mouth. William loves his work because he believes that food brings people together.